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Crush Spells: How To Make Your Crush Ask You Out

Crush Spells

There is something about the heart of crush spells, there is no way you can stop it from seeing what it wants to see. This is the case mostly when it comes to having a crush on someone. You can close your eyes all you want but the heart will continue to see and linger for the person that you are crushing on. People will tell you to think about other things and forget that person but the truth is that you can only do this for a few seconds and your crush will be back haunting you again until you start using crush spells.

Are you crushing on someone? Do you even know that there are different types of crushes and it is not all of them for which you should cast a crush spell? Discover how to act once you know that you are crushing on someone. 

Today, I want to take some time to discuss a subject that is often ignored in the spell casting world; spells to make your crush ask you out. However, I also want to start by discussing how you can identify that you have a crush on someone. I will then discuss whether there are any crush spells that work instantly.

How do you tell that you have a crush on someone?

So what is a crush and how do you identify that you are crushing on someone. You can only know whether you need a spell to make your crush text you if you can define what crush spells are and can recognize its characteristics.

A crush can be defined as a burning desire to attract into your life a person that you find special and attractive. If you see someone or think about them and you suddenly feel some great emotions that could even be defined as wild, then you have to cast cash spells to crush on someone.

When it comes to crushes, the sad thing is that you do not always have control over who you crush on. However, I can tell you that the way you react is really up to you. You can decide what you do about the crush. Some people crash forever and others who are in the know will not hesitate to use a spell to make your crush kiss you.

There are different types of crushes

Before you even start thinking about using a crush spell that works you need to know first that there are different types of crush spells. The first type of crush is the friendly one which is not essentially romantic. This type of crush involves a longing to be close to someone and also to have a strong relationship with them.

There are different types of crushes
There are different types of crushes

Another kind of crush does not involve any desire to make your crush fall in love with you. This crush is usually referred to as an admiration crash. Do you remember that celebrity who is your idol? You can have a crush on a celebrity without necessarily wanting them to become your lover. So, there will be no need to say a chant to make your crush like you because in most cases, it’s not even likely that your crush will ever see you. This type of crush spells is the same as a passing crash. This usually happens when you meet a new attractive person and as you get to know them better, the crush usually dies down.

The romantic crush

The one crush that we are all used to is the romantic crush. This is the kind of crush where you really want to be with someone in the romantic sense. What this means is that you are looking for a relationship that is more than just a friendly one. This is the type of crush where your fantasies involve romantic actions such as kissing and cuddling with another person.

The romantic crush
The romantic crush

The romantic crush is the one that we want to discuss here. It is the type of crush for which you want to use a spell to make someone obsessed with you or a spell to make someone think of you non-stop.

What to do if you have a crush on someone using crush spells

The first thing to do once you have discovered that you have a crush on someone is to decide which crush you have. This is what is going to form the foundation of your actions. This also tells you how serious your crush is. Once you have made the decision, you can then decide whether you will act or you will keep the feelings to yourself.

What to do if you have a crush on someone
What to do if you have a crush on someone

After you have made the decision that the crush you have on someone is a romantic crush, then it may be time to act and find the best spells to attract someone sexually. However, I would want to advise that you should get some basic knowledge about your crush before you cast a spell that may bind you to them forever. This doesn’t mean that you should take months making the decision, just start getting closer to them and knowing a few basic things about them.

Time to act ( Crush spells )

Now that you know you can actually cast a spell to attract your crush, what are you still waiting for? Remember once your crush is with you, find a loyalty spell to make sure that other people who are crushing on your crash do not take them away.

Do you have any questions to ask about these spells or any other spells? We are here to help, remember to send us your contact details using the contact form on this site.

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