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Dragon Spells That Can Help You Become A Real Dragon

Dragon Spells

Life is full of twists and turns of dragon spells. No matter how well you try to live your life, you will still realize that there are undesirable things that happen. Whether you know it or you don’t, everyone has enemies that are either declared or undeclared. This is the reason why you need something more powerful than you to be able to protect you. One of the most powerful protecting forces is the Dragon God and his 12 guardians.

Do you ever wonder what it takes to become a real dragon? Then you are in luck because this article will help you to discover how to become a dragon in real life. 

I have dedicated this article to the dragon spells. The article will start by explaining what dragon spells are. We will look at who needs them and then tell you how to become a dragon in real life. We hope that by the time you finish reading this article, you would have understood the importance of using a dragon protection spell.

What are dragon spells?

A dragon spell is any formula or word that has a magic power which is related to dragons. Maybe you are asking yourself hat a dragon is. A dragon is a mythical monster that takes the form of a huge reptile. In Europe, the dragon has often been depicted as an animal that is always breathing fire. However, in Asia, it takes a different form and depicts fertility and is linked to the havens and water.

Real dragon spells

In the definition above, I have used the word mythical to indicate that for most people, dragons are a myth. However, since you are already reading this article, I take it that you are serious about all things linked to dragons such as dragon egg spells and dragon shifting spell. Hence, I will try and answer the question related to whether dragons and dragon spells are real.

Even though you are not likely to see dragons walking down the road on any ordinary day, the reality is that these are real creatures. Dragons did leave the physical realm in which we currently live but they are still there in the spiritual realm where they sit up there and watch over us. Some dragons have actually returned to earth so that they can live with humans. You may not know it but some people who are able to use a dragon summoning spell are actually dragons themselves in spirit.

How to become a real dragon by the light of the moon

Now that I have indicated that some dragons exist on earth in the form of people, I know that you may now be asking how a human being can turn into a dragon. Before you even think about becoming a dragon and using transformation spells that work, it is important that you start by making a decision on what kind of a dragon you would like to be. Some people want to become real dragons while others want to continue to be people but have the powers of a dragon.

How to become a real dragon by the light of the moon
How to become a real dragon by the light of the moon

Becoming a real dragon is actually a very complex issue and will require the use of complicated magic. Only the highly experienced wizards can use the power of the moon to turn people into dragons. Many who attempt but actually fail.

Tips on how to transform into a dragon

Some lucky people are actually born with dragon blood in their veins and can use dragon spells. Some who have this blood actually do not know that they do. One of the tips that can help you determine if indeed you can easily turn into a dragon is to check if you prefer to be solitary. People who like being alone usually find it easy to turn into dragons when they want.

Are intelligent wise, and strong as an individual? Then a dragon transformation potion should be able to turn you into a dragon with great ease. However, if you do not have these attributes, you can still start developing them.

how to transform into a dragon
how to transform into a dragon

Another way of determining whether you can easily become a dragon is to watch whether you have what is called a sixth sense. If you have a very high IQ (above 140) then you may well be on the road to achieving your goal of becoming a dragon.

Effective black magic werewolf spells

If you want to become a dragon and effectively use black magic werewolf spells, then you need to start imagining yourself as a dragon. One of the most effective ways of starting the process of seeing yourself as a dragon is through drawing yourself as the dragon that you want to be.

Dragon magic for beginners

Are you ready to start your journey as a dragon using dragon spells? Then you may need to start with dragon magic for beginners. You may also have to find what is known as a seeker. This is a dragon that is in the form of a human. Think about them a mentor that will take you to Draconia: a country where dragons rule. It is here that you will meet the dragon king. Once the king makes the judgment that you will be good, you will then be transformed and become a dragon.

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