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Eye Color Spell: Spell To Change Your Eye Color

eye color spell

Ask any expecting parent about the one thing that keeps them wondering about their unborn child, and most will tell you that it is the eye color. Many parents spend sleepless nights thinking: will the baby’s eyes be black, hazel, brown, green, blue, or another color? As adults, we often wonder what we could do to get the color of our eyes to turn heads. In this article, I want to tell you how you can achieve this with the right eye color spell.

Do you ever wonder whether you can use an eye color spell to change the color of your eyes permanently? Discover whether this is possible or not, and learn what you need to do to change the color of your eyes.

However, before you get too excited, I will start by telling you that the color of your eyes comes from your genes. So, why should I even be reading about a change eye color spell if there is no possibility that I could change the color of my eyes? Well, I didn’t say that you cannot change the color of your eyes. You can change it, but in most cases, this is only temporary. This is why these spells are usually for fun.

What is an eye color spell?

As I have already indicated an eye color change spell is not one of those serious spells that are really essential to change a particular aspect of your life forever. This is the kind of magic that is used for fun. It’s for fun because there is really no way you can use magic to change the color of your eyes.

an eye color spell
An eye color spell

However, you may be asking yourself why people still care about finding an eye color spell that works fast. Well, it’s because people love to have fun. This is the reason why you would discover that many people who really enjoy these types of spells are children.

Even though an eye color spell will not change your eye color forever, it can still help you accomplish something close to changing the color of your eyes. It accomplishes this by making people who look at you notice a certain glamour in your eyes.

Start with the right expectations

Many people who have tried to find an eye color spell that really works will come back to tell you that there are no such spells. The reason why many people get disappointed when they try to change the color of their eyes is that when they approach these spells, they come with wrong expectations.

eye color spell that really works
Eye color spell that really works

So what should your expectations be when you cast a spell to change your eye color? The only thing you can accomplish with this kind of spell is to get people who are looking at you to believe that there is something different about your eyes. In actual fact, magic like the candle eye color spell has a way of changing the way people see you. People, who look at you suddenly start to believe that you are more glamorous than you really are.

How to do an eye color spell

So, how do you actually cast an eye hue spell? Even though there are different ways of casting spells to change the color of your eyes, there are a few things that are common among the various spells. Those are the elements I want to look at in this section of my article.

One of the most effective methods of changing the color of your eyes does not even require a single ingredient. All you have to do is your faith, your concentration, and the words to say. Experienced spellcasters will tell you that if you want to cast an eye color spell that works, you have to ensure that you do so at a specific part of the day. This part of the day is usually at sunset.

How to do an eye color spell
How to do an eye color spell

When it comes to the specific chant, it is really up to you to decide what you want to say. However, in the chant, you will want to tell the universe that you want to change the color of your eyes. Remember that the universe works with specifics. Hence, if you just say that you want to change the color of your eyes without specifying precisely the color that you want, you may end up with red eyes that make you look like some kind of a vampire.

Why at sunset

There are several reasons why the sunset is the best time for casting a spell to change the color of your eyes. Look at the colors just before the sun goes down, and you will notice how beautiful they are. This is the reason why many people never want to miss a sunset. The colors you see are a symbol.

As I often advise, when you cast an eye color spell that works immediately, you have to do so from a place where you are comfortable. Experienced spellcasters often have a temple where they cast their spells. Again, a temple doesn’t have to be anything permanent. You can set it up and then dismantle it after you have cast your spells.

a spell to change the color of your eyes
A spell to change the color of your eyes

What is important is that your temple should be in a place where you feel comfortable. Remember to choose an area where no one will disturb you when you are busy casting your spell.

Before you start casting the spell to change the color of your eyes, make sure you are in the right state of mind. Don’t cast a spell when something has just disturbed you. It can be challenging to concentrate when you are feeling angry about something. The same happens if there is something at the back of your mind that disturbs you.

Do eye color spells work?

People commonly ask whether a specific spell works or not. However, I often answer by saying that whether a spell works or doesn’t really depend on the person who is casting the spell. For example, many people cast a spell without first understanding what a particular spell can do for them. This can result in the wrong expectations. It’s more like taking the wrong train and expecting it to get you to the right destination.

If you want to have fun and are wondering which spell would be the best for changing the color of your eyes, why don’t you leave us a comment in the comments section of this site? If you have tried one before, tell us how it all went down. Did it work for you? How did you feel when you saw the change of color in your eyes?

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