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Hair Growth Spell: A Step-by-Step Guide

hair growth spell

Some people have the most gorgeous hair you will ever see while others don’t. Since you are reading this article, there are no prizes for guessing that you have tried every trick in the book to grow your hair, but nothing seems to work. Well, congratulations because I am about to introduce you to a secret that only a few people know: the power of using a hair growth spell.

Are you struggling with dull hair? Its time you put this agony to a stop with a good hair growth spell that will make your hair happy.

In this article, I am planning to introduce you to the idea of hair growth spells that work. Of course, many people will promise that they can deliver these types of spells, but I know that there are only a few that actually do. Let’s start by looking at what a growth spell is. However, remember that for great hair, you have to ensure a holistic program consisting of using the right diet and the right chemicals.

What is a growth spell?

The idea of hair growth spells emanates from a broader class of spells known as growth spells. As the name suggests, these spells are used by anyone who wants something to grow faster than it would have naturally done if they had not used this type of magic.

growth spell
Growth spell

Growth spells can be traced back to ancient times when both the green witches and farmers took advantage of the phases of the moon. This is the same concept used when you cast a hair growth spell that works fast.

How to grow your hair with a spell

We now know the idea behind using hair growth spells, but there is still an important question that we want to answer: how do you use spells to grow your hair? To be successful, you must follow the farmers and green witches. They know the importance of looking at the moon’s phases. Just as these farmers know precisely which dates to plant their seeds, you also need to know which date you will need to cut your hair to ensure that when it grows, it beats all expectations.

The relationship between astrology and hair growth

Now we know that a grow-your-hair spell takes advantage of the phases of the moon, let’s take this discussion further and look at how it is linked to astrology, the concept of foretelling the future. The primary relationship between the two is that you have to connect lunar cycles to astrological placements. As spellcasters, we know that the waxing moon presents an excellent opportunity to set your goals and tell them to the universe, we also know that it is a great time to work on your hair growth.

astrology and hair growth
Astrology and hair growth

A hair growth spell that really works takes advantage of the moon. Before this modern civilization, people used the location and size of the moon to know what they needed to do. They understood that the moon has an effect on what happens in our lives. It’s easy to predict certain things using the moon because we live our lives in predictable circles.

So, how is hair growth linked to the phases of the moon? Just as your goals will become a reality if you say them at a specific time of the month, your hair is also expected to have a better response if it is cut at a particular time of the month.

Timing hair growth spells that work

Remember that for your hair to grow rapidly, it needs to be healthy. So, when you cast your spell, remember that you are also ensuring that you are also intending to give the hair strength. The biggest tip I can give you if you want your hair to both be healthy and grow is to curl the hair during the waxing moon. This means that you should wait until the moon is large. You can do this right all the way until the moon is totally full.

Remember that it is not a good idea for you to cast your hair growth spell when the moon is dark. Also, avoid a new moon. There are also specific dates that should be avoided by all means. These include the 9th, 15th, and 23rd of the month as these are lunar days. If there is a solar eclipse, stay away from cutting your hair and casting a spell.

Using herbs with magic for hair growth

While a hair growth spell that works immediately is excellent, you can also use magic herbs that can help you not only to promote the growth of your hair but also the way it looks. I often advise people who want to grow their hair that spellcasting constitutes the spiritual side of increasing your hair while the herbs and other chemicals are the physical sides. For each one of these to work, you have to use them together.

herbs with magic for hair growth
Herbs with magic for hair growth

The great thing in contemporary times is that technology ensures that you don’t have to go out there looking for your own herbs. These herbs are available in most processes of hair products in the supermarket near you.

When you are looking for useful herbs in your hair products, look for rosemary. It has the power to not only clean and purify your hair, but also to bless it. Mix birch oil with shampoo when you cast hair growth spells that work. This has a way of facilitating the growth of new hair while ensuring that your hair is protected from the elements. Horsetail is another plant that has been known to strengthen commitment, and fertility and prevent aging. If you use these qualities when you cast hair growth spells, your hair will thank you with a great shine.

Try the spells and see the results

People often ask me: Do hair growth spells work? As someone who has been helping people cast spells for many years, I can answer this question with an emphatic yes. All you have to do is to believe. If you want more information, find yourself a hair growth spellbook of shadows. Remember the importance of using the right products for your hair.

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