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Hurt Spells: How To Identify & Protect Yourself From Enemies

hurt spells

Whether you believe it or not, every one of us has enemies. Some of the enemies may be declared, and they will let you know that they hate you and at other times such enemies may actually pretend to be your friends. Such enemies are always some of the most dangerous as they can easily use hurt spells on you without you suspecting.

Are you facing challenges in your life that you have started to believe that someone has cast a hurt spells on you? Then it is time to discover how to cast a spell on someone who hurt you and how you can use protection spells that will ensure the spell backfires on those who cast them on you. 

In this article, I want to discuss what hurt spells are. I will also look at ways through which you can identify a person who pretends to be your friend when in actual fact they are your enemies and may actually be masters in casting a spell to destroy someone. In the article, I will also discuss how to cast a spell on someone who hurt you.

What are hurt spells?

The category of hurt spells is quite a broad one. This refers to the magic that is used by a person to hurt another. There are actually many different ways that can be used to hurt a person. I will discuss some of them below.

At their worst, hurt spells can be cast with the aim of making someone die. This is the ultimate level when it comes to hurting someone because it really never gives them a chance to recover as death is final. If someone casts this type of spell on you, they have moved from just wanting to use easy revenge spells, they have decided to use curses that work instantly.

One of the famous examples of casting spells that people use as hurt spells are spells that will make you gain weight every day no matter how much you try to shed it off. I have also seen some use spells that make your life a hell for at least three days. Others will curse you so that nothing you ever do will succeed.

Spells to punish someone

In essence, hurt spells are spells used to punish someone. What makes spells to punish someone dangerous is that they can actually be cast from a distance. This makes things even more difficult because the person that may cast a hurt spells on you could be the one you least expect. Even someone you may actually have forgotten about.

Spells to punish someone
Spells to punish someone

Included in hurt spells are spells to make someone sick. When your loved one is ill, and the doctors never seem to be telling you what is wrong, someone may be using spells to curse someone on that person. In such situations, the doctors will run tests and all, but they will come back and tell you that all seems to be well with your loved one. This will be strange because you can see that the person is ill and they can tell you that they are feeling pain at a particular part of the body.

How to punish someone who hurt you with hurt spells

I know that when someone has hurt you, the first thing that comes to your mind is how to use a spell to make someone regret hurting you. I will discuss this in a few moments, but I will tell you that there is a better and more proactive way of dealing with people that may want to hurt you using spells: protect yourself.

How to punish someone who hurt you
How to punish someone who hurt you

The good thing about protection spells is that you will never have to use a spell to make someone sick just because they hurt you. The punishment will happen to them naturally. Remember, when you cast a spell on someone who is protected, the spell will backfire, and those things you wished on the other person will happen to you. This is the reason why I always advise people to use protection instead than to seek revenge.

Is revenge good?

I am not one to make prescriptions or to judge you if you happen to want to revenge. No one should ever detect to you whether revenge is good or bad because no one knows your fears and aspirations. No one knows what you go through when someone has cast spells to make someone sick on you.

Is revenge good?
Is revenge good?

Sometimes you have tried all the methods you can to remedy the hurt that someone has inflicted on you including using the justice system, but nothing has helped. This is the time when you may start considering revenge. The great thing is that you can use revenge spells without ingredients. Some of them are actually free.

Before using revenge spells or hurt spells

Before you use revenge spells, it is essential to make sure that the person you are casting the spells on is actually the person that has attempted to hurt you. This will ensure that your revenge spells will not hurt people who have not done anything wrong. If you attempt to hurt someone that has not hurt you, the spells are likely to backfire and hurt you instead.

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