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Levitating Spells: Boasting Power And Control Over Your Life

Levitating Spells

Do you ever notice how many people want to be in control? If you live in a normal society the answer would be many. The reason behind this is that control is a form of power and power gives those who have it the opportunity to have things their own way. Don’t we all want to have things our own way when we can? What about if I tell you that you can actually have things your own way with levitating spells?

Do you sometimes wish you had power over objects? Discover how this can be possible with levitation spells. Learn how to levitate for real step by step. 

While the spells I write about in this article may sound a little bit farfetched for many people, they are actually spells that exist. In this article, I want to deal with the topic of levitation spell witchcraft. I will start by attempting to give meaning to the term levitating because I believe that it is important for us to understand this spell first if we are to understand the broad topic.

What is to levitate?

In order for us to understand levitating spells, let’s start by looking at what the word levitate means. In simple terms, the word levitate means the ability of an object to go up into the air and stay there without anything holding it. As you would understand, no object can be able to suspend itself in the air without succumbing to the force of gravity and falling down unless some magic is involved. levitating spells.

What is to levitate?
What is to levitate?

So, how do objects levitate? They can only do so if someone who has magical powers to command them to do so. The power that makes you able to do this, is what we call spells to lift objects.

Levitation spell Harry Potter

Maybe you are a fan of Harry Porter and are already asking yourself whether the levitating spells found in these series are real. No, they are not. All the powers that are given to Harry Porter are actually just imaginary as his character is also imaginary. However, I love the Harry Potter series because there are many lessons it can teach us about real life and real spells.

Levitation spell harry potter
Levitation spell harry potter

Once you have familiarised yourself with the Harry Potter spells, you will actually find it easy to deal with real spells such as Wiccan levitation spell. I often recommend any form of Wiccan spells for people who want to use magic but do not feel comfortable using black magic for any reason. These spells have a Western flavor: the reason why you would find that many people who also believe in the Christian religion are comfortable using them.

How to levitate for real step-by-step

Maybe you are already excited about these spells because they sound interesting and you are already asking yourself questions about how to make things levitate for real. So, I have decided to show you a kind of step by step process of how you can make this possible.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to believe that this is possible. This is an important aspect of life, in order for anything to happen, you need to start by thinking that it is possible.
  2. Stretch your body so that it is in a relaxed state. Most people achieve this by regularly practicing yoga.
  3. Ensure that your body is properly purified. Most people do this by ensuring that they eat healthily and avoid taking toxins into the body.
  4. Now, when it comes to levitating you have to ensure that your mind is clear. This is usually achieved through meditation.
  5. During the process of lifting and suspending yourself in mid-air, visualize yourself feeling as light as a further. Through properly using visualization, start seeing yourself going up into the air.
How to levitate for real step by step
How to levitate for real step-by-step

In the beginning, all this may look like an extremely difficult exercise but with enough time and practice, it will soon become second nature and you will see yourself doing it without much effort.

How to levitate objects without anything

In essence, the same procedure will apply when it comes to the ability to levitate objects without supporting them on anything. While there are many ways through which you can accomplish this using magic, the reality is that you will have to start by believing in your ability to do so. Like everything else, with practice, you will become more perfect at the skill. levitating spells.

So how can we link the ability to levitate objects with spell casting? They are related in that both of them depend on your belief of the possibility. As we often say when we advise people who want to cast spells; if you attempt to cast a spell before you believe that it will work, you are simply wasting your time. You are starting off with the wrong set of energy.

Telekinesis spell ( levitating Spells )

I think ending this article without explaining the idea of the telekinesis spell will be a travesty of justice. I like to discuss this spell together with levitation spells because people generally tend to confuse these two. This particular spell deals with the ability to have an effect on an object that is far away. These spells can only be cast by people who are extremely experienced in the use of magic.

Time to act ( levitating Spells )

As we often do in these articles, we love to involve you by asking you to tell us something about concepts linked to the spell we are writing about. Today, I would like to challenge you to tell us what you know about the levitation spell Morrowind. Please send us your views using the contact page on this website. For now, have fun practicing levitation. levitating spells.

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